Re:Desk 1.1.0 Released

Hello everybody,

Today we are very happy to present to you the results of our hard work — Re:Desk Local 1.1.0.

We delayed this new release for some time, but there is a great reason of it. Re:Desk was in a hard live testing period, so we believe we defined the most of the bugs and are now providing the clearest and bug-free release.

Get New Version

Over 100 bug fixes and software improvements are included to the new version. We will review the detailed description with pictures below. Re:Desk 30-day Trial version with full functionality is created to test all the special features (for instance, CS-Cart Help Desk Connection add-on) for the help desk software.

Integration to e-commerce

Now integration with third-party products is available for Re:Desk through the API. We created CS-Cart Connection add-on which allows CS-Cart store owners to make easier to provide the support for their clients. After the add-on installation you can log in to the Re:Desk help desk with CS-Cart login details, and view orders and orders details right in the Re:Desk ticket page:

CS-Cart orders view

The add-on includes the integration of CS-Cart contact form which contains the departments field you created in Re:Desk. So the messages posted with this form will be directly sent to a certain department.

Improved Login Page

The login page now has a clear and understandable appearance with some texts:

Log in page

Ticket Attachments

Attachments on the ticket detailed information are now separated to clients and staff:



Message Preview

Now you can preview the message before sending. It is an essential feature if you use reply with “blockqoute” tag:

Preview message


Upgrade to Re:Desk 1.1.0

We prepared the upgrade package and you can find it in the download section of the orders in your account. All the necessary instructions are included either.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all the customers for their participation in bugs finding and for their patience, especially Muhammad Mujtaba for finding Stored XSS issue.

You are welcome to ask any questions regarding Re:Desk 1.1.0 right here in the comments. We’ll be happy to answer.

If you find any bugs, please contact us.

See the next main features that will be included to Re:Desk on the roadmap page.

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