Great Update: New Wave of Web Based Help Desk Software

Customer Support system software


Firstly, I want to congratulate our customers and us with new huge update of our Re:Desk site. We worked hard this year and I hope you will like the results we produced. Tons of features added to support system and code re-coded, updated all libraries and now you will not need to bother with any updates of your web site help desk as it is located on our servers and as soon as each new feature is released, it will appear on your customer help desk seamlessly. All the connections are secure and SSL encrypted.

Now the Re:Desk can be connected to several number of sites (or multi-stores), it is e-commerce ready, and has multi-vendor marketplace online store features. See all new features.

We decided to choose deep ecommerce way of support help desk service developing, as there a lack of such solutions of internet online stores. It does not mean that we are not focused on non-ecommerce based websites. All directions and trends will be supported and are developed constantly.

Help Desk Integration add-ons are either updated. Now you can download help desk software module for CS-Cart multistore, and organize full featured support help desk portal for Multi-Vendor store.

Free services for help desk setting up and modules installation are available for all new customers for now.

Good luck to you and hope our work will reduce workload of you business and improve your customers experience.

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