Re:Desk 2.2: New Design and Downloadable Help Desk Version

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Great to inform that the Re:Desk 2.2 version is released,  design is revised and improved. We placed back help desk software for downloading, and now you can download it and install to your server.

Changes to Re:Desk Cloud

Now cloud (web based) version can fetch messages from Twitter and Facebook right into support service software as tickets, so you can reply to all requests or customer’s questions from one place. Register a free help desk account and start supporting your customers in seconds. Free setting up service or installation is included.

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Re:Desk Wins Two Service Desk Software Awards for 2017


Re:Desk earns another industry distinction for excellence in the service desk category, this time from a top B2B software review directory, FinancesOnline. Our software was granted two major recognitions that highlight the innovative and intuitive way Re:Desk manages your helpdesk tasks. After a thorough analysis of Re:Desk features, the review experts from FinancesOnline were impressed with our service desk’s automation and key features.

Re:Desk Awards 2017

Re:Desk Awards 2017

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Great Update: New Wave of Web Based Help Desk Software

Customer Support system software


Firstly, I want to congratulate our customers and us with new huge update of our Re:Desk site. We worked hard this year and I hope you will like the results we produced. Tons of features added to support system and code re-coded, updated all libraries and now you will not need to bother with any updates of your web site help desk as it is located on our servers and as soon as each new feature is released, it will appear on your customer help desk seamlessly. All the connections are secure and SSL encrypted.

Now the Re:Desk can be connected to several number of sites (or multi-stores), it is e-commerce ready, and has multi-vendor marketplace online store features. See all new features.

We decided to choose deep ecommerce way of support help desk service developing, as there a lack of such solutions of internet online stores. It does not mean that we are not focused on non-ecommerce based websites. All directions and trends will be supported and are developed constantly.

Help Desk Integration add-ons are either updated. Now you can download help desk software module for CS-Cart multistore, and organize full featured support help desk portal for Multi-Vendor store.

Free services for help desk setting up and modules installation are available for all new customers for now.

Good luck to you and hope our work will reduce workload of you business and improve your customers experience.

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Re:Desk 2.0.1 Is Here!


We are extremely proud and happy to release a new Re:Desk version 2.0.1. The new version of the software is powered with new hot features, speed and architecture improvements. We jumped right to the version 2 to show that this is a major upgrade.

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What’s new?

Firstly, let us say about new features we implemented to this version. One of the first of them is a language system that is now available in Re:Desk. It allows to translate the software on any language you need just by translating appropriate phrase variables in the special language files. The language selector is added to switch the languages:

Language Selector

If you have a passion to contribute any additional language or add-on to Re:Desk you are always welcome. Just contact us with any questions in case they arise.

E-mail templates

Then the next feature is e-mail templates. Now you can edit all the email notifications that goes from Re:Desk right through the admin account of the software:

Email Templates

External email accounts

In this new version you are able to add external email accounts, the messages from which will be fetched by the help desk system. If any department is set for specified e-mail address, new tickets from this address will be attached directly to the selected department:

External email

For instance, you have a Multi-vendor store and you need to set the help desk so that it will get the emails from each vendor, from each their email address. This feature will help you to realize this.

Spam filters

The section spam filters is now available in the Re:Desk settings. There you can specify the email addresses which you want to define as spam. The messages from these specified emails will not be shown on the tickets page.

Performance Boost

We have dramatically improved our application performance. A number of SQL queries was decreased by 20 times, as an example, there are only 15 queries instead of 300 on tickets page.

Other improvements

Some features are implemented to general settings and now you can specify support staff time which will show the company local time for your clients and they will know if your support agents are online or offline:


Among the rest general settings improvements we can emphasize the following:

  1. Time zone setting
  2. Message saving in reply field
  3. Ticket closing behavior
  4. Email Subscriptions on tickets
  5. Ticket sharing feature
  6. Ticket receiving rulers and terms changed

All the changes we made are available for viewing in the change log.

Upgrade to Re:Desk 2.0.1

The upgrade package is available for downloading along with the Re:Desk 2.0.1 package in your account. All the necessary instructions are included.

You are welcome to ask any questions regarding Re:Desk 2.0.1 right here in the comments. We’ll be happy to answer.

If you find any bugs, please contact us.

See the next main features that will be included to Re:Desk on the roadmap page.

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Re:Desk 1.1.0 Released

Hello everybody,

Today we are very happy to present to you the results of our hard work — Re:Desk Local 1.1.0.

We delayed this new release for some time, but there is a great reason of it. Re:Desk was in a hard live testing period, so we believe we defined the most of the bugs and are now providing the clearest and bug-free release.

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Over 100 bug fixes and software improvements are included to the new version. We will review the detailed description with pictures below. Re:Desk 30-day Trial version with full functionality is created to test all the special features (for instance, CS-Cart Help Desk Connection add-on) for the help desk software.

Integration to e-commerce

Now integration with third-party products is available for Re:Desk through the API. We created CS-Cart Connection add-on which allows CS-Cart store owners to make easier to provide the support for their clients. After the add-on installation you can log in to the Re:Desk help desk with CS-Cart login details, and view orders and orders details right in the Re:Desk ticket page:

CS-Cart orders view

The add-on includes the integration of CS-Cart contact form which contains the departments field you created in Re:Desk. So the messages posted with this form will be directly sent to a certain department.

Improved Login Page

The login page now has a clear and understandable appearance with some texts:

Log in page

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Re:Desk 1.0.1 is Released

Help Desk Software

Hello everybody,

Today, we are proud to present the release of our hard work – Re:Desk 1.0.1.

The Re:Desk Help Desk Software is developed to organize a customer support inside your company or team members in as easiest way as possible. The clearest interface, conversion of your clients emails to tickets, departments, staff roles, staff permissions and much more features – all these have been done to provide the best customer support and as results increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Of course, the more customers are satisfied with the way you provide the support for them, the more sales and revenue you get for your business, especially if you have e-commerce online store or some related business that requires providing the customer support. The Re:Desk software is fully adapted for major mobile and tablets devices and this feature is included to all the plans we have.

The details and demo are available on the Re:Desk site. Free version is available for downloading.

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Our future plans include, we think, some interesting features, such as integration to e-commerce, knowledge base and so on add-ons. We place this information to our roadmap page and update the plans from time to time there.

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Pre-order Period

Pre-order period is started for the reduced price. The offer will be available until the software is released. Approximate time of release is 1 month. Now the Re:Desk is under the beta testing and you can participate this testing period with us by submitting a ticket or via email address which you can find there.